It’s clear that there are many, many ways to hack your Facebook profile. New profiles began appearing in December and here at Mashable we rounded up some of the best initial ones and then 10 more creative profiles from readers. Now, here are another 10 that illustrate the open-ended nature of Facebook profile page designs.

Do you have a good one? Please send it our way.

1. Arto Remes

Remes, a Finnish ad exec, offers a somewhat melancholy portrait of himself driving.

2. Chris Monroe

Professional photographer Monroe uses his profile to strut his stuff.

3. Nasir Jumani

Jumani, a Pakistani engineer, shows himself doing what we’re likely doing when we visit his page.

4. Suzi George

George’s is one of those profiles that just makes you want to go “awww.”

5. Luke Brown

Angry young man Luke Brown appears to be coming through the page.

6. Isaac M. Vicci

Watch what you say on Isaac’s wall. He’s watching.

7. Paolo Villanueva

Villanueva’s page explores the outer limits of cuteness.

8. Amy Priscilla Kim

Kim’s profile hints at what Jackson Pollack might have done with a Facebook profile.

9. Kibar Al-Uqab

Al-Uqab is obviously a big fan of Nikon.

10. Niki Atanasov

Atanasov, of Bulgaria, shows how effective a full-bleed profile shot can be.

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Landing on an error paging while surfing the Internet is usually an unpleasant experience, but some web designers add a bit of sunshine to the world with their quirky 404 error pages.

We recently featured some of the most entertaining 404 error pages and asked users to share their favorites. Submitting a few classics that we missed, as well as a bunch of little-known gems, Mashable readers responded in droves.

We picked out some of the best user-submitted 404 errors to share here. We hope you enjoy them, and as always, add your own in the comments below!


Don’t be afraid to redefine the 404 error page. Acronyms welcome.


Rule #1 of the Internet: cute animals always win.

Adham Dannaway

“Mmm. Lost a page, Master Obi-Wan has. How embarrassing.” — Yoda

Austin Coolers

Dragon boat team Austin Coolers’s 404 error page aligns with its sporty nature… but I’m really curious about this George guy and his “nice back.” What’s that all about?

BligDeal’s panda mascot, Bliggy, adds the necessary adorable factor to its 404 error page.

Blizzard Entertainment

If you can’t think of what to say on your 404 error page, just blame the user. That usually goes over well.



Get a bunch of design geeks together, and this is what they come up with. Well, it’s certainly eye-catching.


When users empathize with your mascot, maybe they don’t take 404 pages so hard? Seems to be a theme.


We think it’s funny that the team at IWearYourShirt got together to stage a 404 error page.

K International

We’re not sure who created the milk carton 404 error page first — Hootsuite or K International — but it seems to be working.


Try not to “Internet too hard,” or this could happen to you.


Touchdown! Themed error page for the win!


Pet lovers everywhere will smile in delight when they find this adorable 404 error page. Oh, Fido, calm down.


Reef Light Interactive got creative with their lighthouse logo for this error page.

SLBJ Women’s Conference

How do make potential St. Louis Business Journal Women’s Conference attendees cringe? Show them a 404 error page featuring an unhappy infant.

Spiritual But Not Religious

Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR) is “dedicated to serving the millions of people worldwide who walk a spiritual path outside traditional religion.” Its 404 error page adds a bit of insight for lost souls everywhere.

Telltale Games

This error page is beautiful in its simplicity, much like that of The Brand Surgery’s 404 page.

Texts From Last Night

It’s all fun and games, until someone tosses his salad.


Sorry, your web page is toast.


Hover over one of the options on this error page to make the penguin happy again!

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It’s the first birthday of Foodspotting, an iPhone photo app and website that concentrates on pictures of the foods available at restaurants, rather than the restaurants themselves.

The app’s official launch was a year ago today (January 15), and since then, it’s collected 250,000 images of dish recommendations. This week, Foodspotting received $3 million in funding from BlueRun Ventures, and over the past year has enjoyed 550,000 downloads of its app and 300,000 visitors to its website each month. It’s released a beta version of its Android app, and boasts partnerships with household names such as the Travel Channel, Whole Foods and Zagat.

In addition, Foodspotting offered us a fun fact: Half its 7-person team has a food-related last name, such as Grub, Cao (pronounced “Chow”) and Tang.

The location-based app finds pics of foods available nearby, beckoning users with their steamy goodness, or repelling them with their grossness — either way, users get a good look at what they’ll eat, rather than reading a menu and taking their chances. And, the app can snap iPhone pics, encouraging users to leave evidence for those who are wondering what dishes are served in a restaurant.

Foodspotting calls January 15 “World Foodspotting Day,” with more than 100 meetups all over the planet. Find one near you, and if you contribute a pic of a cake, you’ll get a birthday badge.

In the meantime, let’s feast our eyes on Foodspotting’s Top 10 greatest hits, the 10 most popular foods photographed by users of the Foodspotting iPhone app, here in all their mouth-watering goodness:

10. Assorted Cheeses

From the Cowgirl Creamery Artisan Cheese Shop in San Francisco

9. Deep Dish Pizza

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza, Oakland, CA

8. Ice Cream Sandwich

Diddy Riese, Westwood, CA.

7. Double Animal Burger

In N Out Burger, Hollywood, CA

6. Morning Buns

Tartine Bakery, San Francisco

5. Pommes Frites (French Fries)

Pommes Frites, New York, NY

4. Secret Breakfast Ice Cream

Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco

3. Pastrami Sandwich

Katz’s Delicatessen, New York, NY

2. Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Bi Rite Creamery, San Francisco

1. Shack Burger

Shake Shack, New York, NY

Images courtesy of Foodspotting

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The BlackBerry Storm 3 has been whispered about and wondered about for months, but now there’s a murky trio of spy pics of RIM’s elusive smartphone for you to peruse.

A massive leak uncovered many of the mysteries of this upcoming smartphone from Research In Motion, said by BGR to be on its way in September.

With its Storm line, Blackberry bumbled the buggy first launch and nailed the second, so if the Storm 3 is anything like its respected predecessor the BlackBerry Storm 2, it might be worth the wait.

Looking a lot like last year’s iPhone with a bulbous back, the most impressive feature of the alleged BlackBerry flagship is the highest-resolution screen ever seen on a BlackBerry, 800×480 pixels, big numbers that mean its resolution is getting close to iPhone’s lofty “retina display” territory.

Check with BGR for the entire list of specs, but suffice to say this will be running a 1.2GHz CPU — it’s unknown if it’s a dual-core chip, but that’s plenty quick for smartphone these days. Now all we need to find out is how much this handset will cost and which service providers will be likely to carry it.

What about it, commenters? Will it be worth it to wait until September for the BlackBerry Storm 3?

Images courtesy of BGR

Disclosure: RIM was a sponsor of Mashable Awards.

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