1. First Frost by Meredith Winn

A first frost is crisply captured in New England with an iPhone 3GS and processed with Camera+ and Instagram.

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Changes in the weather make for great photo opportunities. With the recent snowfall, we thought it would be a good time to see what kind of ice-cool snaps iPhone photographers have been capturing.

From the first frost through to adventures in sledding via some beautiful nature scenes, our selection captures many aspects of wintery weather.

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Wrap up warm and take a look through our gallery of snowy scenes. Link us in the comments to any great wintery shots you’ve captured on your cameraphone.

Thumbnail image courtesy of John de Guzmán

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1. Dunken K Bliths

As the current king of the animated G+ profile with his role as resident artist at profile pimping company
JustBusiness, Dunken’s own profile doesn’t disappoint.

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We’ve seen some great Google+ profile hacks, but there’s a new breed of design in town — the animated Google+ profile.

Pioneered by Dunken K Bliths, whose creations dominate our gallery, the animations create a real splash when you first land on someone’s Google+ profile page.

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Take a look through our gallery of awesome animations. Link us in the comments to any other good ones you’ve seen on the social service.

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1. GifBoom

The free app we’re using is “GifBoom: Animated GIF Camera” from TapMojo.

It is available for both the iPhone and Android phones.

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Did you know you can whip up tasty animated GIFs on your iPhone or Android handset, in seconds, free? We’ve found a superb app that will help you animate photographs and GIF-icize video.

Whether you want to join in with a popular meme, give a social avatar a bit of motion enhancement or just create something that will make your friends laugh, we have a super-simple way to do it.

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Take a look through the gallery for our easy-peasy walkthrough. Just remember to use your newly-found, GIF-making superpowers wisely!

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1. The Inspiration

The first Pinterest user we’ve seen to “hack” his boards, digital development manager Nick McGlynn inspired us to have a go too. But what inspired him?

“My colleague and I were brainstorming ways to use Pinterest for brands at Rodale Inc and I noticed that the nine squares that make up the Pinterest boards make a perfect square that would fit Instagram photos brilliantly.

“I grabbed some Instagram photos from a recent Facebook Timeline ‘hack’ I did
and decided to see how it would look if I cut them up into nine squares and made a Pinterest board.”

We think they look great! Continue through the gallery for instructions on how to hack your boards.

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Do you remember those awesome Facebook and Google+ profile hacks?

Well, Nick McGlynn, a creative Pinterest user, has done something similar on the new social service, “hacking” a Pinterest board to display one image sliced into nine sections.

Inspired by McGlynn, we have put together a super-simple, Photoshop-free how-to that demonstrates how you can “hack” your Pinterest boards. Have a read through our easy-peasy walkthrough. Link us in the comments to your Pinterest hacks and we’ll feature the best submissions in a forthcoming Mashable gallery.

Cat image courtesy of Simon Doggett

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We’ve all seen the photobooths at weddings and parties; and we’ve all seen animated GIFs become fast Internet memes. Here’s a new project that melds the two worlds perfectly: animated GIF photobooths.

The agency Digital Kitchen in Seattle built just such a thing. Using three Canon 5D MK IIs, the team was able to shoot three-frame animated GIFs, complete with an extravagant cardboard cutout set. DSK says the animated GIF photobooth is called Protobooth.

Animated GIFs, from the most rudimentary a la Tina Fey photobombing the Golden Globes, to the elaborate cinemagraphs created by the likes of Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, are all sorts of viral fun.

The idea of an animated GIF photobooth brings the trend full circle and adds a whole new element of fun to what would normally be static photos.

Check out the video above to learn more about Protobooth and to see the results.

Thumbnail image courtesy of DSK

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JANUARY: City Winter by Elinor Zach

Perfect timing sees just yellow cabs on the icy roads. This splash of color is incredibly effective against the monotone city background.

The instant snapshot look comes from CameraBag’s “Instant” filter.

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A new year doesn’t just bring a new start, it comes heavy with the potential of the next 12 months ahead. With the different seasons and all the associated holidays and events to look forward to, January’s outlook is an exciting one.

To celebrate the calendar year, we’ve collated 12 images — one for each month — that we think encapsulates the spirit of that time frame.

Join us in looking forward to the year ahead by taking a wander through our iPhone photography gallery. Link us in the comments to any of your favorite seasonal photos — and tell us which month or season they sum up for you.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Dan Moyle

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Instagram photos aren’t just for sharing online anymore.

You can turn them into photo books, frame them in four-inch bamboo shadowbox frames, create a collage with them on iPhone cases, turn them into iPad screensavers and now, print them on canvas for your wall.

Earlier this week, CanvasPop launched a service that allows you to print your Instagram photos on two large-format canvas sizes: 12″ x 12″ (for $29.95) and 20″ x 20″ (for $59.95). The company sent over a 12″ x 12″ sample developed with an Instagram shot I took at Kate Spade’s Spring 2012 presentation in October.

The original:

The print (taken with a less-than-great point-and-shoot):


A closeup:

I was impressed with the quality, particularly given the original image is 612 x 612 pixels at a resolution of 72 dpi. CanvasPop Co-Founder Adrian Salamunovic says the company uses “special filters,” among other methods, to improve the photo quality when enlarged. “Plus, canvas is a medium that is naturally forgiving to low resolution images because it is textured and porous, as opposed to a high-gloss photo paper,” he added.

The prints are 1.5″ deep and can be made with either a white or black border. The canvas appears to be stapled to the back by hand — as the staples aren’t perfectly lined up — and comes with a mount for hanging the print from the wall. Given the width of the prints, you can get away without framing them. And as you can see above, they look great in rows.

What do you do with your Instagram photos after you’ve shared them? Would you create print versions on canvas? Let us know in the comments below.

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Today’s Doodle on Google‘s homepage is a tribute to Louis Daguerre, the French physicist who invented daguerreotype, the first commercially successful form of photography.

Louis Daguerre was born on Nov. 18, 1787 in Cormeilles-en-Parisis, France. Today’s Doodle celebrates his 224th birthday.

He began his career as a designer and painter, but his breakthrough came in 1839, when he announced his invention of the daguerreotype, a photographic process which produced a single positive image, which could not easily be replicated. It experienced a few decades of commercial success and influenced later photographic processes.

Daguerreotypes were usually portraits, and Google’s Doodle is reminiscent of a classic family portrait from the era.

Check out some of our favorite Google Doodles in the gallery below.

The Christmas Google Doodle

Each package gets larger with a mouse-over, and a click on it returns search results pertinent to a specific country or the particular items featured in a scene. This one is from December 24, 2010.

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1. CoverPhotoFinder.com Overview

Probably the best-looking site in this roundup, CoverPhotoFinder.com was created by two former Facebook interns. Image categories currently include nature, architecture, abstract and animals.

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Facebook’s new Timeline design gives you a big space for a photo at the top of your profile. So far we have seen some cool and creative uses of this new “cover photo.”

If you don’t have the time to design your own, consider these fun free services that can help. We have found five fledgling websites that offer free cover photos you can easily upload to your profile.

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Take a look through the gallery above to find out more about the services. Let us know in the comments about any other similar sites you can recommend.

Editor’s Note: We have tried and tested these five sites and our profile didn’t mutate into a spambot, but please exercise caution when allowing apps access to your Facebook account.

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Facebook’s new Timeline design gives users a large “cover photo” space at the top of the page. We think this revamp is a great opportunity to get creative with your profile presentation.

We recently asked the Mashable readership to share how they’ve played with the new design. Here are 10 examples of Facebook Timeline cover photo designs we think are particularly creative, and that offer a witty take on the new layout.

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Take a look through the image gallery below. Share your new Timeline designs in the comments and don’t despair if yours didn’t get chosen this time around. Our coverage of the new Facebook continues, so keep your submissions coming!

1. Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

Playful and fun, we’re big fans of Ekkapong’s rainy creation.

2. Andrew Grojean

This is a cunning way to keep the old Facebook design.

3. Mathew Barker

Mathew makes us smile with a big photo / little photo visual gag.

4. Rodney Hess

This concept is simple, but very effective.

5. Victor Zapanta

A profile within a profile within a profile…and so on.

6. Mohammad L. Azzam

Here’s some mini-me fun from Mohammad.

7. Vinh Nguyen

Vinh offers an imaginative take on the “Timeline” with a look into the future.

8. Lawson Hembree V

Lawson sees his profile pic as a snapshot, with more images spanning out across the cover photo.

9. Maggie Lin

Maggie is mixing up her social networks with a Facebook / Google+ profile.

10. Ekkapong Techawongthaworn

The low placement of the profile pic box doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a full body shot, but Ekkapong found a good way to work around that.

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