On Thursday 27 Jun 2019 cPanel announced new pricing and licensing structure. cPanel no longer offers unlimited account, instead of effective immediately they introduced multi-tier licensing structure:

cPanel Admin (up to 5 accounts) – US$20 per month
cPanel Pro (up to 30 accounts) – US$30 per month
cPanel Premier (up to 100 accounts). US$45 per month + US$0.20 for each account above 100

We are reviewing the price increases and we will update our clients who are using cPanel at a later date on the impact the changes might have on subscription pricing/renewals.


data security with GDPR updates, canadian web hosting

Sharing Data for any purpose is much secured than ever before due to the new changes to data privacy laws: GDPR. GDPR abbreviates “General Data Protection Regulations” which will come under effect from 25th May 2018 to comply with European Union (EU) data privacy law. As the GDPR covers a large number and wide scope it’ll surely affect businesses globally including Europe. Regardless of criteria of any business, all the businesses will now have to meet noticeable fine if they don’t comply with GDRP.


So, we find ourselves responsible to inform our honorable clients around the world about the new GDRP system. So they can save themselves from the consequences by consulting their lawyer to keep uninterrupted flaw of business.


Definition of GDPR – General Data Protection Regulations

GDRP is forcing companies to use plain language (standard code to follow up & recognized globally) during they collect data from users. As a result, the companies that come under the EU laws need to upgrade their privacy policies according to the GDRP. So now, the people of European Union have more control over their personal information previously used by many companies as a property of businesses.


A deep dive into the GDPR system – Benefits

Following are the benefits people will now get by the implementation of the new GDPR rule:

  • GDPR ensures the right of asking question meaning the companies using personal information are very liable about the data being used in future. Also, an individual can ask for a copy of collected data.
  • Individuals can resubmit, edit and even delete their personal information that has been fetched earlier from them.
  • Anyone can ask for permanent deletion of their personal data which being used or stored for any purpose earlier.
  • Now an individual has more legal rights, such as to limit the processing of any personal information by showing lawful reasons for example that the data has been forcefully collected.
  • Individuals have every right to ask for a copy of personal data in a standard machine-readable format.
  • Finally, no more unwanted marketing emails!! If someone wants to discontinue any service at any time, the company is liable not to use any of that information further. Even though services like analytics cannot use any personal information for targeting an individual without their consent.

In a word, GDPR ensures Access, Consent, Correction, Deletion, Objection, Processing & Probability rights.


data security with GDPR updates, canadian web and vps hosting

How Cirrus Hosting comes under GDPR?

For connectivity, mobility and faster loading experience, we’re using the cloud-based technology for a long time. To use these services we are directly involved with the EU customers or companies due to our criteria of business.

There is not a must for business to be a resident EU for coming under the GDPR laws. Also, businesses like ours whom fetch data from EU clients and saving them in their server are included under the GDPR laws.

Cirrus Hosting Privacy Policy has explained what information we gather about clients for what purposes and how we protect clients personal information with the highest of security standards. We suggest our clients to review how these new changes apply to them and we will be updating our privacy policy to align it with GDPR regulations.


How much is your penalty if you don’t comply?

Besides the point that it is not a good reputation for a company to be non-compliance and no company wants to be known as the company that doesn’t care or respect the privacy of its users, depending on different factors and circumstance, the fine can be up to 4% on annual turnover and which can maximize up to 20 million Euro.


7 easy steps to avoid the GDPR consequences:

  • A quick audit before the due date over the database about clients and their personal pieces of information can be handy to avoid the consequences.
  • Hiring some Data compliance officers is must for those companies who collect personal information of an individual from EU countries. So, the officers can make sure that policy of local company complies with EU GDPR laws.
  • Also, make sure that people can easily change their consent or either remove permanently.
  • Most importantly, it is a must to update software and processes that are used for storing personal information of clients regarding the GDPR new regulations.
  • Arrange a quick seminar to train your employees about GDPR regulations.
  • Finally, it is your company which is liable for any dispute occurs while collecting data for business purposes. So, keep on a close eye into GDPR updates.


In conclusion, we can say that if you’re collecting data from personals from the residents of EU nations, it’s time to call for professional advice before things get messy. For further information feel free to contact us.


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HostMDS, a leading provider of cost-effective and powerful web hosting, VPS and Colocation services, has announced the launch of its latest line of web hosting, VPS, dedicated server and colocation along with revamping its website.

New Web Hosting package is offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and is equipped with cPanel, Free SSL certificate(Let’s Encrypt) and Spam filter powered by SpamExperts, Starting from $2.99.

All HostMDS VPS Hosting plans come with dedicated disk space, RAM, and CPU. VPS hosting plans provide full root access and remote reboot capability so customers can install any supported application, customize their Linux VPS and manage their VPS with ease, priced from $9 per month.

Four solid packages for Dedicated Server Hosting have been introduced. Customers can configure the CPU, RAM, Disk Space, or other add-ons to customize the server based on their requirements. All servers are located in Canada, offered on Linux operating systems and guarantee 99.99% uptime, starting from $79.99 per month.

“HostMDS is one of the first providers in the market to offer unlimited hosting packages. We wanted to continue to offer the very same feature when we acquired the business back in 2016,” Said Ali Mirdamadi, HostMDS CEO. “HostMDS is and will remain a one-stop shop for people that want to enjoy a feature-rich, turn-key hosting solutions with truly unlimited resources. We have also added a robust and affordable VPS solution for people who want a bit extra than a regular hosting package.”

You can view the new Web Hosting and VPS Hosting Plans here on HostMDS’s website: http://www.hostmds.com

About HostMDS
As you might know, HostMDS has recently been acquired by Cirrus Hosting, Canada’s leading hosting company. Cirrus Hosting is committed to HostMDS mission in providing secure and reliable hosting solutions with high level of customer support for personal and businesses customers. HostMDS has been in hosting industry for more than 8 years and has its own share of loyal customers. HostMDS’s datacenter is strategically located in the Greater Toronto Area, home to Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX) with 150+ unique high-speed networks, and is protected and equipped with 24/7 with strict security protocols, on-site security guard, video surveillance, biometric scanners, and more. The datacenter is equipped with nothing less than Enterprise-class servers and multiple Tier-1 BGP providers.

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