Apparel and accessories brand Kate Spade has launched a new version of its flagship website that underscores just how important content has become to the brand.

Digital marketing manager Cecilia Liu tells us that previously branded content made up only 10% to 15% of the site’s offerings; now, it’s on par with commerce at 50%. “The idea is that allowing people to connect more with the brand at a much more intimate level will organically drive business,” she said.

Not only are there now dedicated sections for internally generated content on the site (as well as prominent links to off-site content on the top toolbar and elsewhere), but links to that content are embedded on the shopping pages themselves, encouraging visitors to hold their shopping for a moment to watch a video, learn about a new collaboration or browse a relevant lookbook. Opportunities for sharing merchandise abound in frequently appearing “Like” and tweet buttons.

The new design logically complements the increasing number of resources the company has channeled into branded content and social media lately, from absorbing short films and other kinds of visual imagery, to daily doses of entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

In addition to the new content features, also bolstered its e-commerce system. Search and product photography have been improved, and the check-out process has been streamlined. Kate Spade has also rolled out a mobile version of its site, a nod to the increasing importance of m-commerce for online retailers. In the coming months, the retailer plans to offer in-store pickup options, e-commerce VP Suzanne Norris says.

The redesign is being completed by CreateTheGroup, a New York-based digital agency focused on the luxury market, in conjunction with Kate Spade’s internal creative and e-commerce teams. For a further look, check out the slideshow below or visit

Links to on-site content are embedded on shopping pages.

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