Boutique music licensing agency Audiosocket is launching a new service that will make it easier for content creators to get access to music legally.

Audiosocket has just unveiled Music as a Service, a platform that can be plugged into third-party photo- and video-sharing services, gaming platforms, digital and ad agencies, and social networks. Users of those services can access the agency’s catalog of more than 33,000 songs for use in their projects.

Audiosocket tells us that it has signed “several major partnerships” with companies planning to use Music as a Service, but declined to reveal any specifics. However, we do know that Audiosocket’s API is open and available to developers (via its website), so any platform that wants to integrate Music as a Service can do so (after being approved by Audiosocket). Partners stand to gain 10% to 50% of revenues generated via music licenses, depending on scale.

We can see this platform being a boon to content creators on bigger platforms — much like YouTube integrating Creative Commons video into its video editor. We can also see it gaining more revenue and recognition for artists across platforms, as their music will be easily available to a wider variety of customers.

Image courtesy of iStockphoto, shulz

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