Google’s first ever holiday Doodle was a simple snowman.

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Google has thrilled us with some excellent Doodles this year, and it’s ending the year on a high by revealing 2011′s festive design, decked out in Christmas lights. To celebrate Google style, let’s take a look back at all the holiday Doodles since the very first simple snowman design in 1999.

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Take a look through our gallery, which documents the evolution of Google’s Holidays Doodles. Let us know in the comments which year’s creation is your favorite.

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1. Christmas Cards – 100+ Free Cards – Zaggle

While the “100+” in the app’s title appears a slight exaggeration, there are some really nice contemporary card designs here.

Once you’ve chosen a design from the good-looking bookshelf-style menu, you can customize the text on the front of the card and then send it as an email.

Cost: Free

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If you’ve missed the last snail mail drop-off date before the Holidays, don’t panic! To save you trawling through the App Store, we’ve found five festive iPhone apps that let you send great greeting cards to friends and family via email and various social networks.

From simple vintage designs you can email from your handset, to completely customizable offerings you can share to Facebook and Twitter on the go, our five tried and tested apps offer a range of super solutions to suit.

Take a look through our gallery of sample card designs and let us know in the comments what your tactics are for last-minute Christmas card crises.

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1. Pantone Christmas Baubles

Color-code your Christmas with these stunning Pantone baubles.

Cost: $14 each or $62 for a set of five

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Here at Mashable we love the holiday season. Decorating your home, cubicle and heck — even your car — is all part of the fun.

However, traditional decs just aren’t geeky enough for our tech-loving tastes. To this end we’ve scoured the web for festive ornaments with a geeky or social media twist.

From Angry Birds to LEGO via Santa-Bots, we think you’ll like our 10 cool Yule creations. Let us know in the comments which ones you’d stick on your tree.

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1. “May all Your Christmases Be #FFFFFF”

Wish someone a white Christmas the hexidecimal way….

Cost: $6 for six

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Sending out season’s greetings to your friends and family is a delightful holiday ritual. We all love writing and receiving cards, but how about spreading some season’s geekings this year?

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From pixel art to binary code to Pac-Man, we’ve found 10 gorgeous greeting cards that will show off your geekiness as you send out your holiday wishes via good, old-fashioned snail mail.

Take a look through the gallery for our fun selection. Let us know which ones you’d stick a stamp on in the comments below.

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If you’ve been waiting at your computer all weekend for Black Friday to die down so you could scour the Internet for the best Cyber Monday deals, you’re in luck.

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We searched through Target’s online deals to bring you the best Cyber Monday offerings. Tablets and accessories are on sale, along with HDTVs and a sweet scooter for kids (or the young at heart). There’s more on the list, so if you’re looking for Target’s best deals, check it out.

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