Google has taken the next step to expanding, its URL shortener, and integrating it into third-party apps with the launch of the API.

The new API, like Google’s URL shortener, is rather straightforward. It gives developers the ability to use to shorten or expand their URLs and to retrieve URL history and analytics.

“You could use these features for a wide variety of applications, enabling behaviors ranging from auto-shortening within Twitter or Google Buzz clients to running regular jobs that monitor your usage statistics and traffic patterns,” Google’s Ben D’Angelo said in a blog post announcing the API.

What does the launch of the API mean? While URL shorteners may not be terribly sexy, they are becoming a big business, one dominated by’s URL shortener could siphon off users with the API. Its integration with Google’s products, spam protection and speed could make it a desirable alternative for developers looking to speed up their apps.

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