SXSW starts this weekend! The Interactive dates are March 9th–13th, Film is March 9th–17th and Music is March 13th–18th. Both Mashable and StumbleUpon are having parties. Find out where below. Click image to expand the size. Infographic by Follow SEJ on Twitter @sejournal

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Over the next month, BlueGlass will be unveiling a new confirmed speaker for BlueGlass LA daily with a really cool calendar countdown. Traditionally, at BlueGlass we have waited until the last minute to plan our conferences, usually lining up the venue, speakers & sponsors over the course of a month or two — but this […]

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We have a couple of announcements to make here in the conferences department at SEJ that will make for some exciting times this fall and for next spring.

First off, today BlueGlass announced that there will be a follow up to the BlueGlass TPA Conference this Spring in Los Angeles, CA — BlueGlass LA 2012. That’s right! BlueGlass is coming BACK to LA 🙂

BlueGlass LA 2012 will be held on April 23rd & 24th, more information is pending about BlueGlass LA and if you’d like to be one of the first to be ‘in the know‘ to this in demand event (it’s looking like only 150 seats will be available) — sign up with BlueGlass.

A little bit sooner than April comes Pubcon Vegas! There will be a slew of SEJ contributors and readers at Pubcon and SEJ will be sponsoring a the Pubcon event of one of our bloggers on Wednesday night — #EpicDinnerVegas!

Alan Bleiweiss will be hosting #EpicDinnerVegas at the Pampas Grill with limited seating. Search Engine Journal is amongst the sponsors for this event and we’re really excited to be part of it.

What upcoming Search Marketing events are you attending??

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BuildMobile: Write for BuildMobile!

Good morning SEJ Readers! Later on in the month, down in sunny Tampa, FL, we will be holding an intimate and stellar Online marketing event called BlueGlass TPA. Search Engine Journal is an official media partner of BlueGlass TPA, and assisted with the lineup and content for the conference.

BlueGlass has held two events in the past (SEJ held them previously) and our upcoming BlueGlass TPA has shaped up to be an incredible mix of speakers and attendees from various fields of search & social media marketing – representing companies such as Disney, AOL, Cisco, Microsoft Bing, Trada, Digitas, CopyBlogger, Slashdot and so many more. Even ShoeMoney will be there 🙂

The lineup and confirmed guests for BlueGlass TPA reads almost like a Fantasy Football roster (I’m not going to say Dream Team after what happened to LeBron) and the conference agenda will be completely packed with networking opportunities, interactivity, ample time for Q&A and 72 hours of group bonding.

You will leave BlueGlass TPA with the knowledge and connections to excel your career, startup, consultancy or agency to the next level. That WILL happen.

At the same time, we have limited ticket sales to a select number of only 75 seats. And you know what? There is only a handful left.

We’re currently down to 4 more passes to BlueGlass TPA, and this is the perfect chance for our loyal Search Engine Journal readers (who may be waiting until the last minute) to get in on the action. REGISTER TODAY with the code “sejournal” for 20% the price of registration! You’ll be happy that you did 🙂

Also, SEJ will be shooting some videos at BlueGlass TPA, so if you want to be interviewed and feature your company on SEJ; stop by and introduce yourself!

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BlueGlass TPA Only 16 Days Away : Last Chance for SEJ Readers

Not very long ago when we were planning the launch of our humble magazine BuildMobile, which you are reading right now, the content strategy included coverage of the nebulous WebOS mobile operating system. Come launch time, there wasn’t enough traction to include it in our platform categories, but we were hopeful for the future. WebOS in 60 Seconds WebOS is a mobile operating system based on the Linux Kernal Initially developed by Palm and first released in January 2009 Acquired by Hewlett-Packard in April 2010 for US$1.2b WebOS uses a “card” UI with a left-to-right flick for app swithcing, flick up for “off” The WebOS broswer, called simply “Web” is based on the WebKit layout engine WebOS “Synergy” feature integrates information from many cloud services into a single list Devices include the Pre , the Pixi and the Veer phones, then the HP TouchPad HP announced in March 2011 that WebOS would run within Windows by the end of 2011 On 18th August 2011 HP announced it would discontinue operations for WebOS devices Potentially even more HP TouchPads will be made and sold at a loss Web Standards based Native Apps A feature that was full of promise, and partly responsible for the underdog adoration WebOS attracted from developers worldwide, is that web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript are first class tools for developing native apps for the platform, with full access to hardware APIs like the camera.

BuildMobile: The Future of WebOS

Big news today from the BlueGlass camp! We’ve secured Jeremy “ShoeMoney” Schoemaker to the speaker lineup for BlueGlass TPA!

Jeremy will be sitting on the “Blog & News Optimization: How Publishers Can Dominate Google & Beyond” Panel with Brian Clark of Copyblogger and discussing killer techniques for bloggers & publishers to build traffic, links and BUSINESS via their content strategies.

Image via TopRank's Flick Account

I really cannot think of two people who I would rather have on this panel, and am entirely stoked about this. With BlueGlass Conferences our mission it to stack sessions & panels with Keynote Worthy speakers — and this lineup equals MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! (SEJ will be covering the show too because we are a BlueGlass TPA Partner!)

In addition to ShoeMoney & Copyblogger, our BlueGlass TPA lineup also includes :

BlueGlass TPA is September 26th & 27th in Tampa, FL — and there are a limited amount of seats left. REGISTER TODAY!

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ShoeMoney Added to the BlueGlass TPA Lineup

Big news from the BlueGlass team with regards to the speaker lineup at BlueGlass TPA (our next conference on September 26th & 27th in Tampa, FL) as we’ve added two great speakers to our agenda; Rae ‘Sugarrae’ Hoffman-Dolan & aimClear‘s Marty Weintraub!

Sugarrae & Marty are well regarded experts in the fields of search & social media marketing, and are topping off a speaker lineup that includes experts from Bing, AOL, Copyblogger, Trada, Raven Tools & many more including :

  • Brian Clark of CopyBlogger
  • Greg Boser of BlueGlass
  • Rae Hoffman-Dolan of Sugarrae
  • Marty Weintraub of aimClear
  • Tim Mayer of Trada
  • Simon Heseltine of AOL
  • Dennis Goedegebuure of GeekNet
  • Kunal Das of Microsoft Bing
  • Jon Henshaw of Raven Tools
  • Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing
  • Melanie Mitchell of Digitas
  • Chris Winfield of BlueGlass
  • Scott Skurnick of

Search Engine Journal will be reporting live from BGTPA, and our new Editor Jim Nash will be interviewing speakers/presenters and some attendees. With this lineup, we highly recommend that you checkout more info about BlueGlass TPA and take the time to Register! :

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Sugarrae & Marty Weintraub Join BlueGlass TPA Speaker List!

As an entrepreneur in a tough economic climate, you want to find every possible advantage.  Business conferences have become popular destinations for the minds behind startup companies and projects.  Conferences are an excellent way to network, communicating with possible customers, partners, and investors.  Attending a conference can also help you get a new project started by discussing innovative ideas and finding sources of funding.

Raising capital for a startup business is never easy, but business conferences are one of the best places to find support.  All this is in addition to the knowledge gained from the conference speakers and workshops.  Entrepreneurs can learn a lot from people who have been there before, so you should try to be there whenever flourishing and aspiring entrepreneurs are in the same place together.


Let’s start at the top with TiECon, which hosts the largest professional conference for entrepreneurs.  Its sheer size is a significant advantage because TiECon draws in the big names and the top speakers in addition to providing the most opportunity for networking.  The conference and the related innovation expo bring in hundreds of investors, making it a great place to find some funding for your great idea.

The speakers and workshops offer tons of useful information specific to your interests and needs.  The cost of attending may seem prohibitive if you’re just starting out and low on funds, but you know exactly what you’re paying for with TiECon.  The great thing about attending this type of conference is that you have a big opportunity to make up the cost of admission and much more.  When a conference brings together creative minds and gets innovative projects off the ground, everyone wins.

Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference

Of course, the size of a huge conference can be a disadvantage as well.  With such a variety of attendees, it can be difficult to find the type of people you’re looking for.  If you want to meet entrepreneurs from your area, try a local conference like the Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference.  You may have more success making good contacts with people who live nearby and the conference’s information will be tailored to local issues.  Make your state a stronger center for business by attending a local conference for entrepreneurs.

Social Enterprise Conference

You can also narrow your focus by seeking conferences for particular types of entrepreneurship.  For example, if you are interested in applying entrepreneurial principles to social issues, keep an eye on conferences focused in that field.  Remember that the best conferences in your field of interest are worth waiting for.  Harvard runs another excellent social enterprise conference.

Web Conferences

The internet has broadened the way that people attend conferences.  If you cannot take several days off to attend a conference or if the travel is unappealing, consider giving web conferencing a try.  Technology allows us to give lectures, attend training events, and view presentations remotely.  Web conferencing is appealing because it involves only a small commitment of time and money.  On the other hand, it is much more difficult to successfully network with a web conference.  Oftentimes, information will be traveling one way without a great deal of interaction between audience members.  For more information, see the Entrepreneur.

A frequently seen term related to web conferencing is webinar.  A webinar is a web conference on a much smaller scale, such as a single presentation or workshop.  Webinars typically involve little interaction, but they’re a quick and painless way to get useful information.  If you are up to the task, you can also give your own webinar using webinar software to establish and market your ideas.  Find out how a webinar can help your business succeed here.

National CEO Conference

Just as some conferences are can’t-miss events, others are better off avoided.  First, do your research on a conference to make sure that it has information and people you want to see.  A conference may seem promising until you read that it is focused on overseas business.  You are putting time and money into attending, so make sure you are investing in the right conference.  You also need to think about the intended audience for the seminar or conference under consideration.  The National CEO Conference may be an excellent learning experience for young entrepreneurs, but may not have much to offer older or more experienced attendees.

The best tip boils down to getting your money’s worth.  Skip conferences that require membership to a committee or club unless you plan on using that membership frequently in the future.  Likewise, watch out for conferences that have considerable fees attached unless you are blown away by the speakers and workshops that are paid for with that money.  Even a great conference must be worth the expense you put into it.  This event looks great if you live around St. Louis, but you wouldn’t want to drive far for such a short conference.  Perform the research needed to find the right conferences for your business.  A good conference will jumpstart your ideas and help you with the networking that any growing company needs.

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Sorting Out the Best Conferences for Entrepreneurs

What better way to end the week than with an update on the agenda for BlueGlass TPA, the next BlueGlass conference (after LA & FL) which will be held in Tampa, FL on September 26th & 27th (SEJ is a media partner!).

BlueGlass TPA will host speakers from search & social companies like Bing, Raven Tools, AOL, CopyBlogger, Digitas, TopRank, ThinkGeek and many more and will be hosted by the BlueGlass team, which includes Greg Boser, Chris Winfield, Dave Snyder & myself.

A full overview of the conference  (and the amazing food & activities!) can be found on the BlueGlass TPA Agenda page, but here is a rundown of Day One (September 26th)! :

  • SEO in a Social Media World with AOL’s Simon Heseltine & eBay’s Dennis Goedegebuure
  • Paid Search : Advanced PPC and Conversion Driving Tactics with Tim Mayer of Trada & Pam Lund of BlueGlass (and a Bing team member to be named later)
  • Blog & News Optimization: How Publishers Can Dominate Google & Beyond with CopyBlogger’s Brian Clark & Loren Baker of BlueGlass
  • Advanced SEO Clinic : Live Audits & Critique from SEO Experts with Greg Boser of BlueGlass, Lindsay Wassell of Keyphaseology & Ben Cook (Skittzo!)
  • Link Building in a Post Panda World : Advanced Link Building Techniques with Dave Snyder of BlueGlass & Ross Hudgens of Full Beaker SEO

And if you need even more, here is the second stack of sessions from Day Two (September 27th) :

  • The Personality of Social Media with Lee Odden of TopRank, Scott Skurnick of and Moderated by Brent Csutoras of BlueGlass
  • Turn Web Analytics Data into Conversion Driven Gold with Annie Cushing of BlueGlass & Brian Cosgrove of TPG Direct
  • Content Marketing: Squeeze the Most Organic Juice out of Your Content Strategy with Jon Henshaw of Raven Tools & Loren Baker of BlueGlass
  • How to Grow Your Agency or In-House Team to be AMAZING with Richard Zwicky (who has built various companies) and Melanie Mitchell of Digitas, Moderated by Chris Winfield of BlueGlass
  • How to Compete with (or Accept) the Localization of Search with Greg Boser of BlueGlass

Interested? Register Now because tickets are limited to 50 passes!

Feeding the BRAIN & the BELLY!

Just like previous conferences, BlueGlass TPA will keep guests well nourished with three massive meals a day (and REALLY good food! Check out the menu on the BlueGlass TPA Agenda), Starbucks coffee, mid-afternoon snack breaks and an open bar on BOTH nights from 5 pm until 7 pm (the normal ‘cash’ bar will be in the conference area from noon until 10 pm).

The BlueGlass conferences were born out of the Search & Social Summits, which were held by Search Engine Journal. SEJ will be covering BlueGlass TPA and publishing videos from the conference 🙂

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BlueGlass TPA Agenda Announced : Register Soon