1. Mithos Electromagnetic Vehicle

Flight of fancy, or real car? Its name will give you a clue: “Mithos” — closer to mythology than reality. As far-fetched as it seems, designer Tiago Miguel Inácio is serious, calling it “essentially a celebration of the future, each day closer to reality.”

This zero-emissions supercar has a terrain-scanning system (what, no robot driver?), instant torque response with its 1.5 MW electromagnetic motor, and then we get into the fantasy world with quantum boost technology that lets the car magnetically levitate over some sort of future roads, and it’s even teleportation-ready. No word on whether its phasers are set to stun or kill.

Dream on, Tiago, but we certainly got a kick out of your forward-looking design.

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It’s been another big week for Top 10 Tech, with jaw-dropping devices that will make you feel like you’ve awakened in a future world.

As we separated the junk from the gems this week, we were astonished to find a car that’s more spectacular than any we’ve ever seen, and even though it’s a design concept so far, it’s probably pointing to a future of electromagnetism, levitation and maybe even teleportation.

Beyond the ridiculous, we found the sublime, with a convenient new remote control that you plug into your iPhone, an interesting shape for a camera design, a great idea for USB connectors, and spectacular ways to make you fly like a bird — or even sling angry birds in space.

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So come along with us as we take you into space, on adventures and expeditions, show you some spectacular ideas and concepts, and accompany you into the future itself — right here on our latest Top 10 Tech This Week.

Here’s last week’s Top 10 Tech.

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Angry Birds has made its way into fashion before with the introduction of t-shirts and accessories, but the wife of a Rovio executive is taking the brand to a whole new level with an off-the-shoulder ballroom gown that pays tribute to the widely popular game.

Teija Vesterbacka – who is married to Peter, CMO of the company that created the game – wore an Angry Birds dress to an event on Tuesday night at the Finish Presidential Palace to celebrate Finland’s independence. The red dress features the iconic face of one of the Angry Birds characters.

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News of the look made its way onto Twitter and was met with a mixture of reactions, as some called it “epic” while others were “disgusted.”

“Sooooo glad my husband didn’t create ‘Angry Birds.’ Quelle horreur! This dress is a nightmare,” tweeted Nanea Reeves via @naninja.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @sircoolio said the following: “Love this! Company pride!” Many praised Vesterbacka’s wife for enhancing the brand’s marketing strategy.

Angry Birds has taken the game market by storm since it first debuted in December 2009. In fact, the company recently announced that various versions of the game have been downloaded 500 million times. Rovio also revealed that fans have played a whopping 266 billion levels, shot 400 billion birds and collected 44 billion stars. This amounts to 300 million minutes played of the game each day and 109.5 billion minutes played each year.

What do you think of the dress? Will this make a splash in the fashion industry?

Image courtesy of Italehti.

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Angry Birds fans, it’s confirmed, a new edition of the blockbuster smartphone and console game is coming in March, and it’ll be called Angry Birds Rio.

Interspersed with characters from Rio, the upcoming animated feature from 20th Century Fox, Angry Birds Rio will revolve around the kidnapping of those annoyed avians.

As you can see in the video above, they’re hustled off to Rio de Janeiro via helicopter for an unscheduled vacation in a dark cave. Once they escape their cages, they find hundreds of others suffering the same fate, triggering a 45-level battle between the birds and their evil captors.

If you can’t get enough of Angry Birds, between now and the release of Angry Birds Rio, the game’s developer Rovio will release a pink-tinged Valentine’s Day edition. The company’s CEO Mikael Hed also announced an animated Angry Birds TV series to debut on an undetermined date.

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Rovio, maker of hit game Angry Birds, plans to turn the game into an animated series, CEO Mikael Hed has announced.

“We have been looking at that for quite a while, and that is definitely one of my personal big focus areas right now – to work on broadcast content for Angry Birds,” Hed told the British TV industry site C21media.net [subscription required].

No further details have been given about the series, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it appeared on TV. Angry Birds has been a smash hit on both the iOS and Android platforms; it was recently launched for the desktop PC, and is coming soon to the Wii, Xbox and PS3. Mattel is also adapting it into a board game. An animated series is the logical next step in what has quickly blossomed from just another cute iPhone game into a powerful franchise.

[via NYPost]

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