1. Pi Symbol Ice Cube Tray

You can’t have a Pi Day party without Pi-shaped frozen water!

Cost: $12.98

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Pi Day is upon us once again! Obviously, March 14 (3.14) is an appropriate day to celebrate the irrational number — and it also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday!

Here at Mashable, we’re geeking out with 10 awesome accessories that honor pi. From clothing to kitchen accessories, we’ve found a range of items that feature everyone’s favorite mathematical constant.

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Take a look through our mathtastic gallery of goodies. Let us know in the comments below how you’re celebrating Pi Day.

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1. LEGO Stationery Art Carousel

Add a colorful dash of blocky fun to your desk with this organizer. It comes complete with LEGO crayons, pencils and erasers.

Cost: $28.29

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Spring has nearly sprung. If you plan to take advantage of the fresh start to get your workspace sorted, we have found 10 terrific accessories to help organize your office.

From cable management to tidying paperwork to writing implements, our stylish solutions will add some geek chic and a little bit of witty design to your workspace.

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Take a look through our gallery of selections, fresh for spring. Let us know in the comments which items you like and why.

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1. Pixel Heart Earrings

These cute earrings are a subtle way for a geek to show his/her allegiance.

Cost: $8

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This Valentine’s Day, don’t say it with chocolates. Don’t say it with flowers. Don’t even think of saying it with a stuffed toy. Say it loud, proud and geeky with an 8-bit heart.

We have found eight great accessories — for both sexes — that celebrate the classic pixelated heart. From a journal to jewelry and from $4 to $270, we’re sure there’s something here for the geek love of your life.

Take a look through the gallery. Let us know in the comments which items steal your heart.

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1. Apple Logo iPhone Sticker

This desirable decal also features the similarly classic “Think Different” slogan.

Cost: $9.99

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From 1976 to 1998 Apple‘s logo was a technicolor, rainbow-hued apple with a bite out of it. Although Apple toned things down a bit in the late ’90s, many have a fondness for the classic version of the company emblem.

The iconic design, created by Ron Janoff, can still be seen today — 36 years after the original design’s debut — on fan-made items and carefully preserved vintage accessories.

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Here we bring you 10 fun accessories featuring, or inspired by, the rainbow logo. Let us know in the comments if you’re a fan of the classic version of Apple’s logo, or if you prefer the more modern monotone version.

Image courtesy of Jonas Strandell

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1. Pixelated Hands Sticky Note Pads

What better way to get someone’s attention than these sticky notes?

Cost: $4.99

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The ubiquitous hand-shaped pointer has been a part of the consumer computing experience since the early days, and is familiar to both PC and Mac users.

It’s this familiarity that has crossed it over into real life, with a variety of hand-shaped accessories — both pixelated and not — created in a homage to the iconic design.

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Take a look through our image gallery celebrating the hand-shaped pointer. Let us know in the comments which items you’d like to have at your fingertips.

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Posters are a great way to cheer up your work space, whether your home office, the walls of your cubicle or even your swanky corner suite.

We’ve got a great selection of geeky posters and prints from classic Apple advertising to curious Android typographical illustrations.

Take a look through the image gallery, click through on the blue title text for more info on each image, and let us know in the comments which posters you’d pick for your office.

1. xkcd Map of Online Communities

xkcd’s “Map of Online Communities” is a fascinating snapshot of 2010’s web world.

Cost: $15

2. eBoy Cities Posters

We’re big fans of the eBoy group’s pixel art. They’ve created a whole collectible series of city posters that includes North American locations as well as London, Paris, Tokyo and Berlin.

Cost: $27

3. Periodic Table of Typefaces

The “Periodic Table of Typefaces” is a witty take on font classification. Also available: “So You Need a Typeface” flowchart and “Typefaces of the World.”

Cost: From $16

4. VectorSetPosters

As well as digital tools for designers, these VectorSets are available as prints. With tons of different sets, you could create a really striking grouping.

Cost: From $24.49

5. Andy Versus

One of a set of Android-themed illustrations, this poster depicts a little green bot fending off attack from a rather familiar figure…

Cost: $15

6. Nintendo Evolution

This simple Etsy print would be a great pic for a Nintendo fan.

Cost: From $8.50

7. Susan Kare Apple Prints

Former Apple designer Susan Kare offers limited edition prints of her classic icons.

Cost: From $89

8. The Oatmeal Grammar Pack

The Oatmeal’s “Grammar Pack” includes four great comics: “how to use an apostrophe,” “how to use a semicolon,” “10 words you need to stop misspelling,” and “when to use i.e. in a sentence.” We can’t think of a better set of rules to stick on your wall, especially if you work with words.

Cost: $32

9. Retro Videogame Propaganda Posters

Frogger, Dig Dug, Tron, Joust, Donkey Kong all get propaganda posters in this rad, retro set.

Cost: $49.99

10. Typography Deconstructed

More fun for font fans, this gorgeous graphic deconstructs typography, and would look great in your design department.

Cost: From $35

11. Fail Whale

If you’re a fan of Yiying Lu’s “Fail Whale,” then this three-foot wide version should bring a smile to your face.

Cost: $49.99

12. eBoy FooBar Poster

Grab a slice of web history with this now classic depiction of Web 2.0 circa 2006. It’ll be a collector’s item one day…

Cost: $27

13. Google Doodles

Everyone loves Google Doodles. Sadly, Google’s online store offers just seven designs in print. Collect the lot and hope for more in the near future.

Cost: From $4.75 each

14. Evolution of the Geek

Flowtown had a hit with its great “Evolution of the Geek” infographic. Now you can buy the poster version.

Cost: $19.99

15. Typographic Maps

There’s a whole set of typography-themed maps that accurately depict the features of major U.S. cities using nothing but type.

Cost: From $30

16. Susan Kare Facebook Prints

As well as Apple-themed prints, some of Kare’s contemporary Facebook icons are also available as limited edition prints.

Cost: From $89

17. Visual Aid Posters

We adore Visual Aid’s huge collection of geeky prints. They offer graphical explanations of a huge range of topics including color theory, types of hats, The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones, table settings, flight times and much, much more.

Cost: From £4 (approx $6.50)

18. Mac Reference Posters

This excellent Etsy poster offers you a field guide to Mac trackpad gestures. Also available is an OS X button legend and a quick reference for shortcuts.

Cost: $20

19. Why Working at Home is Both Awesome and Horrible

More from The Oatmeal with this hilarious comic that explains why working at home is both awesome and horrible. It’s an absolute must for any telecommuter.

Cost: $11.95

20. iA Web Trend Map

iA has mapped the 140 most influential people on Twitter, when they started tweeting and what they first said. Fascinating.

Cost: $59.50

21. Apple’s “Think Different” Posters

Finally, you can still get hold of Apple’s iconic “Think Different” posters on sites like eBay. Some are more rare than others, but just imagine how great the whole set would look framed on your office wall.

Cost: Varies

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Time to get organized? Here’s the Plug Hub, innovatively designed to hide that rat’s nest of cables, wires and plugs underneath your desk.

Run your power cords through one of the three holes in the top, then you can plug them into a power strip sitting on its shelf below. I especially like the way you can mount it on a wall or under the desk, where all of those power adapters and wires can be hidden away where people can’t see them unless they’re crawling on the floor.

I’ve tried a similar organizer before, and while the Bluelounge Mini did the job of hiding away cables, it wasn’t as compact as the Plug Hub, nor could it be side-mounted to a desk, or possess a “cord anchor” inside where cables could be wrapped around. Now all this needs is a power strip with room for those huge “wall wart” power adapters, and it’ll tidy up the messiest part of my house.

Why is this organizer so well designed? More than 568 people helped influence this product, according to Quirky, the site that uses crowdsourcing to develop products. If enough people preorder this $24 Plug Hub, it’ll actually be manufactured and shipped. Like that super snow scrapin’ Snowdozer we showed you the other day from Quirky, this one gets my vote.

Plug Hub

In the real world, you’d probably turn the box around the other way so you don’t see the power strip.

Plug Hub

You can wrap your excess cable around the three reels inside.

Plug Hub

Not a bad-looking design.

Plug Hub

Here’s the Plug Hub mounted under a desk. Wait, is that power strip defying gravity? The power strip can be attached through holes in the bottom.

Plug Hub

Sure looks better than a chaotic mass of tangled cables to me.

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Everything is more fun when there’s a monkey involved. That’s just basically a fact. That’s why Paul Frank’s Julius Dance Machine is a must for your next wild party.

Paul Frank — oh! maker of colorful, neon things — partnered with audio manufacturer SpeakerCraft to create this little Zenned-out creature, which works with all iPod devices.

We had a chance to play around with the Dance Machine here at Mashable, and, honestly, the sound quality isn’t all that different than that of your average iPod dock (so if you’re an audiophile, this isn’t really for you).

No, aesthetics seem to be the bigger aim with this dock; designed so that Julius cradles the iPod in his lap and his ears function as the volume controls, this item is all about whimsy.

Julius features a rechargeable NiMH battery, which means you don’t have to tie the monkey down in order to listen to your jams, and it can play for up to six hours without needing another charge.

If you do decide to pick up this $99.95 creature, I suggest powering him up and unplugging him so he can join the dance party, which, naturally, should kick off with “Mickey’s Monkey” by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.

Photos by Jehangir Irani




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Let’s face it, unless you’re an astronaut or a rock star, work is pretty darn dull most of the time. Don’t despair though, as technology can help fill the gaping void of boredom that being stuck in the office creates.

Thanks to the wonders of USB gadgetry you can cram your time at work chock-full of fun, frolics and laughter, making your cubicle the cool place to hang.

We’ve selected 10 excellent examples of USB desk toys and gadgets for your perusing pleasure, so take the first step to banish boredom in your workplace today by having a little look below, and let us know your own favorites in the comments.

1. USB Whack It

A modern take on the vintage arcade classic, USB Whack It is a great way to take out all your pent up frustration in the workplace.

Cost: $20

2. Tengu

Tengu lights up and lip syncs to audio with a variety of facial expressions to amuse you and your fellow cubicle-dwellers.

Cost: $30

3. USB Touch Drums Set

Although desktop drumming with pencils can also do the trick, why not try rocking out on this small-scale USB-powered drum set instead?

Cost: $22

4. USB Plasma Ball

A tiny model of the Tesla original, this plasma ball will add a mesmerizing dash of science to your desk. It’s educational and fun!

Cost: $12

5. Riff Rocker

If drums aren’t your thing, then how about the Riff Rocker? This pocket-sized guitar is compatible with sites like JamLegend, meaning you can enjoy some Guitar Hero-style gaming in the office.

Cost: $14.95

6. Tiny USB Rechargeable Helicopter

We can only begin to imagine the fun flying missions you and your colleagues can come up with using this mini chopper. Just don’t get caught.

Cost: $44

7. USB Missile Launcher

Office warfare can bond co-workers together, boost morale and lift spirits. It can also poke your eye out, so watch where you point that thing.

Cost: $49

8. USB Robot Owl

A very “kawaii” Japanese import, the USB Robot Owl doesn’t do much (he blinks his eyes and turns his head from side to side), but he looks so darn cute doing it, he’ll more than earn his perch on your monitor.

Cost: $19.99

9. USB Basketball Desktop Dunk

Complete with a scoreboard and cheering crowd sound effects, we think a desktop one-on-one should be the way all office disputes are settled.

Cost: $19.99

10. Pop-up Pirate USB Hub

Finally, another retro classic gets the USB treatment. You know that filing can wait when there are pirates to be popped.

Cost: $63

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