Google is celebrating International Women’s Day today by giving all the ladies out there a flower – the virtual kind, of course, placed in the middle of the latest Google Doodle.

Originally a socialist holiday, the International Women’s Day originated in the U.S., where it was first celebrated on Feb 28., 1909, by the Socialist Party of America.

The date was switched around quite a bit in the following years, and the significance of the event varied a lot in different countries. In Russia, it was celebrated on the last Sunday in February (which fell on March 8 on the Gregorian calendar) since the February Revolution of 1917. In 1949, March 8 was established as an official date for the holiday (for women only) in China, and the date stuck.

Finally, in 1977 the United Nations invited member states to proclaim March 8 the UN Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, after which the date gained major international significance.

Today, March 8 is a national holiday in many countries around the world, including Russia and China; in many others, it is customary for men to give women flowers on this day. A tip for all you guys reading this: Regardless of where you live, you can’t really go wrong by giving that significant lady in your life some flowers.


The Christmas Google Doodle

Each package gets larger with a mouse-over, and a click on it returns search results pertinent to a specific country or the particular items featured in a scene. This one is from December 24, 2010.

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