1. The Inspiration

The first Pinterest user we’ve seen to “hack” his boards, digital development manager Nick McGlynn inspired us to have a go too. But what inspired him?

“My colleague and I were brainstorming ways to use Pinterest for brands at Rodale Inc and I noticed that the nine squares that make up the Pinterest boards make a perfect square that would fit Instagram photos brilliantly.

“I grabbed some Instagram photos from a recent Facebook Timeline ‘hack’ I did
and decided to see how it would look if I cut them up into nine squares and made a Pinterest board.”

We think they look great! Continue through the gallery for instructions on how to hack your boards.

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Do you remember those awesome Facebook and Google+ profile hacks?

Well, Nick McGlynn, a creative Pinterest user, has done something similar on the new social service, “hacking” a Pinterest board to display one image sliced into nine sections.

Inspired by McGlynn, we have put together a super-simple, Photoshop-free how-to that demonstrates how you can “hack” your Pinterest boards. Have a read through our easy-peasy walkthrough. Link us in the comments to your Pinterest hacks and we’ll feature the best submissions in a forthcoming Mashable gallery.

Cat image courtesy of Simon Doggett

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