A company has found a way to incorporate smells into the Internet. Imagine, your significant other mentions you on Twitter and magically you smell his/her perfume. If someone tags you in a Facebook video, the scent of buttered popcorn or fruit fills the room. Olly makes an Internet with smell possible.

Olly — a web-connected smelly robot — created by London and New York-based company called Mint Foundry will give all your online notifications a scent. The creators figured since the web incorporates sight and sound, it’s time to experience it in a different way.

Olly would scent anything from a tweet on Twitter, Like on Instagram, to a photo tag on Facebook.

As seen in the video, Olly is a compact white box that has a removable space in the back that can be filled with any scent you desire. The company suggests essential oils, fruit, perfume, cologne or a drop of gin. They can be stacked, so you can give all your online accounts a different smell.

The process would involve downloading an application, signing in with a username and password into the Olly app and having the physical Olly reader.

Olly is not available for purchase yet. The company is working to garner backers for the project.

Would you want to experience the web with smell? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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