Facebook has released an update to its iPhone app, with version 4.1 now giving you access to its new Timeline interface.

The timeline was available on iPhone before, but only if you accessed Facebook from its mobile site (m.facebook.com) on the iPhone’s Safari browser. Now you can download an update of the Facebook iPhone app, where it shows you a similar view to that of the mobile browser version.

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It’s not quite the same as what you’ll get on a desktop browser, where instead of two columns of posts that you get in that larger view, on the mobile version they’re stacked on top of each other. Even so, you can still chronologically scroll through your life, and after you’ve gone through a month’s worth of items, it offers you a selection of the next month or previous years.

Besides that, the app feels slightly snappier, as Facebook mentioned in its release notes. An iPad version of this update not available yet, but Facebook says support for that is “coming soon.” The iPhone version is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

1. View All Your Timeline Content

Facebook’s mysterious algorithm decides which stories will showcase on your Timeline.

However, it also includes half-hidden posts. Posts that are marked on your Timeline, but not displayed, are noted by a blue dot on the central line. You can view these posts by clicking on the individual blue dots.

A quicker method is to click on the three blue dots underneath each year. This gives you the option to view all stories within that year.

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