Perhaps, one of the first things any novice gets to learn about internet marketing domain is the significance of “original, unique, and relevant content”, and quite rightly so. They do not say “Content is the King” for nothing; every bit of it is absolutely true.

The importance of “original, unique, and relevant content” magnifies multiple times when it comes to PPC marketing, in particular. Unlike other domains of online marketing, PPC (Pay-per-Click) offers you no margin of error. In case of PPC, it is almost “do or die” every single time, making it one of the toughest domains to survive.

Appropriate PPC Ad Writing can literally turn the tables in your favor, but it is much easier said than. There are quite a few aspects that need to be taken well care of, in order to see your PPC campaign yield you with some real high quality leads translating into cash for your business.

Effective PPC Ad Writing Tips

Given below are some of the most effective tips that you should keep into focus if you want to produce a PPC Ad copy that not only looks nice, but also works nice in getting relevant web traffic for your campaign.

  • Develop the PPC ad copy keeping in mind the priorities and intentions of searcher (primarily) in mind. It must be able to relate prospective customer’s intentions with the most effective search terms being used in that particular niche. This is because your PPC ad is going to be displayed on a search engine (Google, preferably), which is not going to yield you higher if it undermines the importance of highly returning keywords.
  • Successful PPC ad copy should aptly serve a searcher with unique and engaging business proposition. The point is that it should tactfully answer the questions like “why should you choose to do business with us”, compelling your potential customer to engage in business terms with you.
  • Another specialty of great PPC ads is that they rely more on relevant precise facts and figures rather than making high claims.
  • As they say, “simple is the best”; so is the case with effective PPC ads. The more you keep your ad copy simple, precise, clear, and free of any ambiguities (be them lingual or technical), the more clicks your ad is going to receive. Simplicity and clarity is the key for improved CTR of your PPC ad

Some Common Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your PPC Ad Copy

  • Majority of PPC ads fail to yield the high CTR desired from them simply because too much focus is laid on features of the product/service instead of its benefits. You have to keep in mind that a searcher is always more interested in knowing the benefits rather than the features of a product or service.
  • Another common mistake is not properly investigating what your immediate competitors are saying. It might seem like you have got a wonderful idea about a particular ad, but it is going to be of no utility if any of your competitors had already used it. Remember, unique ideas catch the eye of searchers more than anything else, so you better realign your thinking into a new direction if you want to get maximum out of a PPC ad.


There is no denying the significance of PPC campaigns for gaining the maximum benefits of a web marketing campaign, and there shall be no denying the significance of an efficient PPC ad copy for that purpose. Make sure you heed to the ups and downs of PPC ad writing described in this article to make your PPC campaign really worth it.

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