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This year’s MozCon was, undoubtedly, the best event we’ve ever put on. The 500 attendees had some incredibly kind things to say about the event, perhaps the most remarkable of which is captured below in some of the charts I’ve extracted from a survey we ran to attendees.

As many who attend professional events in the SEO/online marketing world know, finding expert-level content is a huge challenge. We work tremendously hard to make sure MozCon provides a uniquely high level of material from every speaker and you can see that reflected below:

Was MozCon Advanced Enough For You?

Given the high level of folks who come to MozCon, the feedback above was incredibly flattering. Of course, we’ll be working even harder next year to make sure that little blue slice shrivels away entirely 🙂

The next chart from SurveyMonkey shows whether those who attended would be likely to recommend the show to others:

How Likely Would You Be to Recommend MozCon

And again, I’m pretty excited by the results. 62% of those who responded said they’d give it a 10/10 when talking to others. Not too shabby!

Thus, I’m very excited to announce the 2011 MozCon Video Bundle. This year, rather than old-school, 1990’s technology, we’re trying something new and giving you the ability to stream the videos online and download them to your mobile devices. Pretty sweet, right?

The Powerpoint slide decks are also included with the video bundle, so you can follow along and grab the URLs that speakers reference in their presentations. We’re also doing something a little nuts: if you buy the bundle before November 30th you’ll get all of the videos from MozCon 2010* and Distilled’s SearchLove 2010* (that’s an extra 42 videos) for free!

What’s in the 2011 MozCon Video Bundle?

Included in the price ($299 for PRO members or $399 for non-PRO members) you’ll get:

  • 26 videos (over 14 hours) from MozCon in high definition
  • Stream or download the videos to your computer, iPhone, or Android device
  • Downloadable PowerPoint slide-decks for the presentations
  • Plus the limited time offer: Until November 30th you’ll get an additional 42 videos (over 26 hours of content) free of charge from our Seattle 2010 and Distilled’s London 2010 seminars.

26 videos of our best presentations yet

MozCon 2011 was our 6th annual event, and I can honestly say, it was our best event yet. We had three days chock full of astounding presentations plus an awesome lineup of speakers. When you purchase the bundle, you’ll get videos and the PowerPoint slide-decks for all 26 of the presentations. Essentially, it will be as if you were there… except without the ice cream breaks.

Watch the videos online in high definition

This year, we’ve tossed out the DVDs (well, OK, not actually tossed them; more like, just didn’t make them) and put the videos online. Once you purchase the bundle, you’ll have immediate access to watch all of the videos in high definition.

And download the videos for offline viewing…

You can also download any of the videos and watch them on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device giving you the ability to watch your videos wherever you want. This is perfect for a long plane ride or when you’re commuting to work (or relaxing in the living room furniture of your choice).

For a limited time… get an extra 42 videos from our 2010 events for free

We’re so excited about this year’s video bundle that we’re doing something special. For anyone who purchases the bundle before November 30th, we’ll include online videos from MozCon* 2010 in Seattle and Distilled’s SearchLove* 2010 London. In all, that’s an extra 42 videos (26 hours of content) included absolutely free!

What people said about MozCon 2011

MozCon is the best online marketing conference I have ever attended. The content is well-rounded and advanced.
Bekka Palmer
Senior SEO Strategist
Thunder SEO
Great presentations by expert speakers delivering up-to-date, actionable content in not just SEO, but also conversion rate optimization, Facebook and paid marketing, viral content design, and a host of other topics. I came away inspired to ‘make the web better’ by delivering even more SEO awesomeness to my clients.
Steve Ovens
Director of SEO
Digital Media Strategy Pty Ltd
I’ve been passionately involved in SEO/SEM for nearly a decade, and I can honestly say that MozCon was the most educational 3 days that I’ve ever experienced in that amount of time. There was a wealth of tangible information and insight that I’m going to be able to utilize in all aspects of SEO. MozCon was simply inspiring.
Greg Bebezas
SEM Specialist
OpenText Corporation
MozCon was all that I could have hoped for. I learned what we really needed to know to be successful at SEO, including the nitty-gritty techniques that you just don’t get at other conferences. MozCon is where it’s at.
Nils Rasmusson
Web/Graphic Designer
Beijer Electronics, Inc.

* p.s. Prior to 2011, we called these events "PRO SEO Training" but have since learned a little about branding 🙂 SEOmoz’s annual conference is now "MozCon" and Distilled’s is "SearchLove," which BTW, you can still buy tickets for next week in NYC if you’d like to join us in person.

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