SEOmoz just completed their first of four cities they will visit and speak at for #mozcation. Those who spoke in the Salt Lake City visit were @randfish, @chrisbennett and @vinceblackham.

Repurpose Success 

Starting off we heard from Chris Bennett focusing on SEO strategies that work. As we have heard from him in past conferences he emphasized the importance of producing content worth sharing like infographics. Within this point he explained that much of this content, when proven effective, could be repurposed in a skillful way that isn’t simply regurgitating or spinning the same piece.

Check out his slide deck (slides 25-29).

A great example of this would be the search ranking factors ran by SEOmoz every two years.  While this is certainly the same theme and subject matter the content found within will change with the time.

Guest Viral

Vince Blackham followed discussing how social media in action can have great results for SEO. The most unique of his examples was the idea of providing Infographics as guest content to a larger and more visited website. The idea being you exchange the traffic and social sharing they will receive in return for a branded link and brand visibility. Rand Fiskin commented shortly after saying it was counterintuitive, but brilliant.


SEO is Not Really SEO Anymore

Closing out the conference Rand emphasized the motion he sees SEO moving toward. With search engines taking into account social signals and using these to influence rankings this places an entirely new approach on how we should focus our SEO strategy.

Much of his presentation came from slides used in his presentation entitled “Opportunity in Google’s Social Search.”

Pointing out that many of our search results now (whether logged into a google account or not) are personalized based on our social connections should be sign enough that obtaining a large following as a business is essential.

For those businesses who latch onto this concept and gain a mass following SEO will no longer be link building but a simple tweet about a specific subject and all of the sudden they rank for it each time a follower runs a similar search.

Among other concepts Fishkin also discussed the strategy of integrating social into your commenting opportunities through blog posts. Explaining that this will serve a dual purpose of increasing comments and shares while brining unique content into your website at a low cost, low effort approach.

Check out the SEO Tools guide at Search Engine Journal.

#Mozcation in the Salt Lake City