I don’t know who spread the word, but for some reason, thousands of people entered the blogging niche thinking that it was a cheap and easy meal ticket. Of course, most of them quickly found out that this isn’t a place for slackers, but still – there is still a prevalent amount of passion-less bloggers that I’d like nothing more than to pull the plug on.

Is that you? Let’s find out!

Here are my top seven signs that prove your heart isn’t in the game.

1. You Only Post When You Realize it’s Been to Long

People like you are easy to spot, because every other post you write begins with “I know it’s been a long time since…”

Just do us a favor and quit already.

2. You Start Talking About Things that Don’t Fit

It’s OK to mix up the topic from time to time, but if I find that your message today is all over the place, then it means you’ve either run out of ideas, or you’re just too lazy.

3. Every Single Post is a Guest Post

One of the most popular bloggers in our niche has a blog like this, and in fact, many of the “gurus” have moved to this model.

Sorry, but if every single post is a guest post, then it’s time to start paying writers or sell your blog, since you have no passion to even write a post for your readers that once were your daily readers.

4. You’re Faking it

The people that live and love what they do speak differently; faking it doesn’t work!

5. You’re Talking About Moving On

It’s OK, a lot of bloggers get here: they realize they aren’t happy or aren’t making any money, so they talk about moving on but feel like they owe something to their audience.

I say give it up and go to doing what makes you happy.

6. You Stopped Replying to Comments

Look, if you’re no longer social with your audience, then in my opinion it is clear that you aren’t interested in connecting, and are only interested in the almighty dollar.

Blogging business is about people, and if you can’t make it work by being there for those who pay your bills, then you’re done!

7. Not Getting Anywhere

The secret to a passion-filled blog is evolution, but I find that many passion-less bloggers just continue to post the same thing day after day. If your blog posts today look like they did 3-5 years ago, then you’re sunk.

People say you should follow your passion, but what they don’t admit is how hard it actually is to find a passion and stick with it.

What do you think? Am I being too hard, or is this the brutal truth? Let’s discuss!

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7 Signs that Prove You Have No Passion In Your Blogging Niche!