The idea of exploring the world, including the distant geographies, breathtaking vistas, and historic buildings of other nations – or even your own – is certainly exciting. It’s little wonder that Google Earth has reached hundreds of millions of users. This is especially true now that Google Earth is so easy to access through mobile devices, such as Android smartphones and Android tablets. Furthering this line of development, Google has released an updated version of Google Earth for Android that optimizes for the tablet environment.

The primary new features of the tablet version are:

  • The ability to process fully textured builds, thanks to the powerful processors in Android tablets.
  • A new navigation bar that allows the user to easily select “layers” to view (for example, Wikipedia information, panoramic photos, “fly to location,” 3D buildings, etc.).
  • Pop-up versions of many standard layers or additional information. This means that items like panoramic photos will now appear in a pop-up, allowing you to see your Earth information and images in the background while viewing new information.

Users can update to the latest version by visiting the Android Market or by visiting the Google Earth mobile site. The new tablet features are available for all Android tablets powered by Honeycomb (Android 3.0) or later.

[via the Official Google Blog]


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Google Earth Releases New Tablet-Centric Version