It’s clear that there are many, many ways to hack your Facebook profile. New profiles began appearing in December and here at Mashable we rounded up some of the best initial ones and then 10 more creative profiles from readers. Now, here are another 10 that illustrate the open-ended nature of Facebook profile page designs.

Do you have a good one? Please send it our way.

1. Arto Remes

Remes, a Finnish ad exec, offers a somewhat melancholy portrait of himself driving.

2. Chris Monroe

Professional photographer Monroe uses his profile to strut his stuff.

3. Nasir Jumani

Jumani, a Pakistani engineer, shows himself doing what we’re likely doing when we visit his page.

4. Suzi George

George’s is one of those profiles that just makes you want to go “awww.”

5. Luke Brown

Angry young man Luke Brown appears to be coming through the page.

6. Isaac M. Vicci

Watch what you say on Isaac’s wall. He’s watching.

7. Paolo Villanueva

Villanueva’s page explores the outer limits of cuteness.

8. Amy Priscilla Kim

Kim’s profile hints at what Jackson Pollack might have done with a Facebook profile.

9. Kibar Al-Uqab

Al-Uqab is obviously a big fan of Nikon.

10. Niki Atanasov

Atanasov, of Bulgaria, shows how effective a full-bleed profile shot can be.

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