Apple has reportedly told several European newspapers that they will no longer be able to offer print subscribers free access to the iPad editions of their publications.

The publishers told Dutch newspaper deVolkskrant (translated version) that Apple has issued “stricter rules” to ensure that it controls subscriber data and its 30% cut of revenue generated from those who want to access the publisher’s content in app form.

Online publication (translated version) said that the new rules will go in effect April 1.

Such rules, should they extend to the UK and elsewhere, would disrupt the current subscription models of publications like The Economist, which offers the iPhone and iPad versions of its publication to digital and print subscribers for free.

Apple is expected to unveil a subscription model to coincide with the launch of The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s forthcoming iPad-based newspaper. Numerous reports suggested that its launch was originally planned for January 19, but has since been pushed back.

Thus far, no U.S. publishers have reported receiving similar warnings from Apple.

[via Apple Insider]

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