In an indication that the company will no longer be so tight-fisted about control of its iAd creation, Apple today rolled out iAd Producer, a free desktop app that lets third parties make iAds.

iAd Producer “makes it easy for you to design and assemble high-impact, interactive content for iAd,” the company writes on its Apple Developer page, adding that the app “automatically manages the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript” behind iAds.

By making the creation of iAds available via a graphic user interface, the app effectively removes the need for advanced development acumen.

Apple introduced the iAd platform in April with the goal of changing the face and quality of advertising. Since then, Apple has been very restrictive about who can use iAd. According to a report published earlier this year, Apple charged between $1 million and $10 mililion to the likes of Nissan and Disney to use the platform. The first iAd showed up on iPhones in July. Last week, Apple rolled out the first iAd for iPad, which promoted Disney’s TRON: Legacy.

Of course, even though Apple is helping developers with the new app, Apple is still the intermediary for running iAds on its iPhones and iPads.

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