In this final installment of his Data Visualization with Flex series, Toby builds on the work from the first two parts to take our visualization to the next level. The final product allows you to visualize how often various tech key words are used on the SitePoint forums, and how they are connected. Even if you’re new to the series, it’s worth having a look to see the visualization in action!

Multilingual marketing should be considered in every international marketing initiative. Yet, when it comes to web site localization, most businesses only go so far in creating a literal translation of their English copy. In this article, Christian demonstrates why SEO should be implemented in every language on the Web. If you fail to localize your translated text, you stand to do your business a great disservice.

In part I of this series, Toby showed us how to extract a subset of useful information from a truly massive set of raw data: nearly all the posts from the SitePoint forums! In part II, we’ll set about turning that data into a useful visualization, showing how often keywords are used in an impressive, interactive graph.

Microsoft Expression Web 3 has some unique features that make it invaluable to web developers. In this article, Raena puts the web development tool through its paces and cranks out a simple PHP page. After reading the article, you can test out your knowledge with the Expression Web Quiz.

Google’s Social Graph API gives developers access to a wealth of public social data mined from the Web. In this tutorial, Louis extends a Ruby on Rails user registration form to query the API and suggest site URLs for users to add to their profiles.