The Network within the Data Center

Utilizing a privately owned data center facility, HostMDS takes advantage of an intense network infrastructure. Based on a Cisco networking platform, the Network is designed with two fundamental concepts; Resiliency and Redundancy.

Operating out of multiple Fiber POP's (Points Of Presense), the network allows multiple diverse paths to the end points.

The Peering facilities for the network (AS13826) allows carriers to interconnect seamlessly and rapidly. With a strong relationship with TorIX in place, network destinations such as Google, Microsoft, Akamai and others are 1 to 2 hops away.

If you currently have server or network infrastructure colocated within other facilities within Canada, HostMDS is also peered back to many of the major carriers within Canada and the USA which will ensure low network latency for clients who are looking for a disaster recovery facility, or diverse location.

One of the major abilities of the HostMDS facility is the multi-fiber links to the largest Canadian carrier hotel known as 151 Front Street in Toronto, Ontario Canada. At 151 Front, HostMDS direct fiber links to multiple MMR (Meet Me Rooms). With these fiber links over diverse physcical routes, HostMDS has the ability to simply Cross Connect between any carrier of your choice and provide those services at any HostMDS facility. If you wish to bring your own services to a HostMDS facility, you can simply request Cross Connects between our MMR facilities and your carrier of choice, and the HostMDS can provide you the necessary transit between 151 Front and our facilities. Cross connects between major Tier 1 Carriers such as Sprint, Switch & Data, Internap, Cogent, MCI, Bell Canada, AT&T, TATA and other carriers are all availble.

If you choose to utilize not to provide your own bandwidth, but to utilize the HostMDS Internet bandwidth, you will be taking full advantage of multiple carrier, BGP, peering and diverse fibre uplinks. To test the network performance, feel free to Ping or Traceroute to our network.

Please contact our sales department to discuss any questions you may have.

If you are interested in Peering with the network, please send an email to PEERING [@]

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